The best that Portugal has to offer.

Portugal Going Global is a Portuguese company headquartered in the city of Coimbra. Our mission is to show the world the best that Portugal produces in the food industry. We are dedicated to the export of regional products, predominantly wine, olive oil and cheese. We believe in the value of the Portugal brands and want to take what is best produced in Portugal to the world.

Currently we are present in several markets, mainly in Asia where Portuguese products are having a great market acceptance.

At Portugal Going Global we work with a large number of suppliers recognized for the quality of their products and with extensive export experience. We export about 150 wines, from all 39 national grape varieties, from the 13 wine regions of Portugal, to international markets.

But we do not limit ourselves to the wine market, we give you open doors and we show you what is best produced in Portugal: Olive Oil, Cheese, and other traditional products.

Our team

Our highly experienced sales team will guide you through our catalog of portuguese products and will help you with any requirement for importation.

Do you need help finding a specific product even if it's not wine, cheese or olive oil? PGG also works with other traditional products so connect with us.